Scrikss 419 Fountain Pen - Mint Green


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The new Scrikss 419 is a classic, an authentic writing tool, a remake in a limited edition of the legendary Scrikss 419 first produced in the early 1970s. This pen has all the advantages of a traditional pen such as: screw-on cap, ink-level window, art-deco inspired clip, as well as the piston mechanism of the ink tank that is integrated from the factory into the body of the pen. This pen appeals to nostalgics, as well as collectors. Features; - WORKS WITH BOTTLED INK. No detachable cartridge or convertor supported. Environmentally friendly, no plastic dispose! - Stainless steel accessories plated with 23K gold. - Stainless steel clip plated with 23K gold - Scratch and dent resistant acrylic resin cap, with a yellow glossy finish. - Screw-on cap - Converter integrated the factory into the body. - Scratch and dent resistant acrylic resin grip, with a yellow glossy finish. Ink-level window - Stainless steel nib plated with 23K gold, with an iridium tip Box 17,5x5x2,5cm