Leuchtturm1917 - Medium Hardcover Notebook(A5) - Bauhaus Edition


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LEUCHTTURM1917 celebrates the geometry of design and 100 years of Bauhaus with the “Everything starts from a dot.” centenary edition.

Wassily Kandinsky, painter, graphic artist, art theorist and teacher of the Bauhaus movement, summed it up with the following: “Everything starts from a dot”. Creativity emerges in the mind, but if it is to be given to the real world, it must leave the mind and travel through the hand to a sheet of paper, and always begins ... with a dot. The first point of contact between thought and paper, a decisive moment.

These books contain all the well-known LEUCHTTURM1917 details, such as index, page numbers, 2 bookmarks and a sticker set for labelling and archiving. There are 4 Medium (A5) notebooks as well as 1 Master Classic (A4+) notebook.

Our details:

- Medium (A5) size 
- Wassily Kandinsky quote embossed on front cover: “Everything starts from a dot.”
- Brief profile of Kandinsky featured on the endpaper
- Fore-edge and ruling are same-color
- Color combinations of cover/fore-edge: Lemon/Black - Black/Royal - Royal/Red - Red/Royal
- Ruling: Dotted
- Index and page numbers
- Gusseted pocket
- Elastic enclosure band
- Sticker for labelling and archiving
- High paper quality
- High ink compatibility