Large Notebook - Hexagon Grid (Yellow)


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Paperways is the cure to our wanderlust, with a minimalist approach to design for the savvy adventurer. A brand identity that's always on the move, we're taken along on its endless journey and transported to lands afar. Clean, contemporary lines, shapes, and patterns coupled with durable construction transform everyday stationery into bold statements for the home, office, and beyond. Developed in 2008 by designer J.Han, Paperways strives to incorporate eco-friendly recycled materials into every possible stage of the production process and is now under the care and attention of designer Boram.


- Large Notebook - 11.2 in. x 7.8 in.
- Hexagon design - 96 pages
- Brick Red - Textured cover
- Paperways Original Binding
- Original Notebook Collection.