Container Gardening For Beginners: A Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, and Edible Flowers


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Everything you need to grow a thriving garden in containers

Whether you’re on a budget, live in a small space, or simply want to raise a new plant or two, container gardening is a practical method for urban and suburban gardeners alike. Container Gardening for Beginners is packed with information and advice for using different types of containers to grow your own vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers.

Learn how to get started, from gathering the tools you’ll need to choosing the right container and soil mix. Once you’ve covered the basics, you’ll get advice on what you should plant and when, when to water and how, and finally, how you can successfully grow and harvest your crop.

Container Gardening for Beginners includes:

  • Step-by-step guidance―Find detailed gardening guidance from start to finish, including things to know before you grow, how to start seeds, plant care and maintenance tips, and how to tell when your crop is ripe.
  • Basic best practices―Grow happy, healthy plants with expert gardening insights to set you up for success, from making sure your container is properly sized to regularly fertilizing your soil.
  • Illustrated plant profiles―Choose the right plants for you with info on the particular needs and characteristics of 30 different fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Start and sustain a flourishing container garden with help from the practical advice in Container Gardening for Beginners.