Clear plastic cellophane to wrap sheets into rolls


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Clear plastic cellophane to wrap sheets into rolls. Size: 25 x 3 in Here's the 'sitch: So! We used to carry rolls in the past, however shipping was always a gamble. The rolls take up a lot of space and the boxes were very big but very light. So what happened was a lot of boxes were getting damaged in transit, since heavier boxes would get thrown on top. Needless to say, we were sendinig a lot of refunds back to stores. No bueno:( So we took a break from wrapping paper for a little while and tried to think how can we do betteer. Now we are back ON! And decided to offer the clear plastic cellophane with every order so you can turn the flat sheets into rolls in just minutes! Basically you will order plastic from us and we will ship both the wrapping paper sheets and plastic to you, and you can turn the sheets into rolls in minutes! This way, nothing gets damaged along the way and you can still offer rolls to your customers. And each roll only takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to make!